We established DRAGON, a manufacturer company, with the help of 20 years of marketing experience in shotgun and accessories sectors. We based our priorities on our customers’ likes and preferences while we established DRAGON.

Why are DRAGON shotguns different?

We are well aware of what a shotgun enthusiast would want, as 20 years of experince in marketing has given us many opportunities to exchange ideas with the dealers as well as the users of our final products. Such exchange of ideas have helped us very much to establish our own brand.

  • We like what we do,
  • We are constantly in research to be better in what we do,
  • We consistently follow the latest technology in our sector,
  • We come up with solutions for our customers rather than excuses,
  • Our goal is to keep the quality and customer satisfaction always at the top.

These reasons set us apart from other companys. We established the brand DRAGON for you, and now we are glad we did it!


    In every work we do, we aim to satisfy our customers’ and dealers’ expectations at the top levels with our innovative and creative solutions, using the latest technologies, and also to hear out our customers and our employees in order to better our company.


    To be ranked among the top ten shotgun manufacturers and become the leader in shotgun sector.


Make eficient use of the functions of factors of manegement, production, environment, for the customer,
Reaching the maximum control of quality with participation of managers, employees, and the dealers who helps our products to reach our customers,
Reaching top levels in customer and employee satisfaction,
Manufacturing products with minimum percents of defection and to provide our products in the market with the best conditions,
Complying with the legal and moral regulations, taking precautions against problems,
Keeping our customers satisfied by manufacturing trustworthy, long-lasting, and highly qualified products.
Being responsible with our customers and dealers afterwards their purchases and to always be in collaboration.